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I’m going to be changing the way I write in this blog. For the past couple months, I’ve been writing about almost every book, movie, and game that I consume. I’ve enjoyed this, enjoy it still, but I think it’s hurting my efforts to become a better writer. I feel obliged to write about everything, and this has me in a quantity over quality situation. I’ve never wanted to be on the quantity end of that spectrum in any area of life because quality is where it’s at. In an effort to write more in-depth, qualitative blog posts, I will be scaling back my write-about-everything approach to blogging. This will mean less blog posts obviously, but I hope that it means I take more time in the ones I do write, and I hope that translates to people appreciating what I do more (myself included).

I have multiple aims with carrying on a blog. My first is to exercise. I find writing to be cathartic. It makes me feel good every time I sit down and punch out even a few words. I also find that the more I do it, the better I become. This is subjective, obviously, but I’ve seen a marked improvement in my ability in just the few months that I’ve been writing here.

My second reason for blogging is to create a portfolio. In November of last year, I applied for a few freelance jobs, as well as one writer job at a local gaming company. Both of these applications required writing samples, and I quickly realized how little I had. I’ve been writing for most of my life, but I have kept very little of it for various reasons. I wrote for a gaming website for a few years, but it’s since been deleted and the only way to access my articles is to enter the wayback machine (which feels stupid to include in an application). Thus, at 34 years of age, I have precious few writing samples, and none that I’m particularly proud of. I already feel better about some of the blogs I’ve written here than I do about anything I’ve written in the past. I don’t love everything I’ve posted, but some of it’s not bad at all.

All that said, I hope my blogs from here out are top notch. My goal will not be to review things anymore. Reviews are fine, but lack relevance. My writing from here out with be topic-based. I will write about films and books and games, yes, but my blogs will have a focus larger than an individual product, even if they are inspired by that product. I hope that makes for a more interesting read and maybe even more readers. Feedback is always appreciated.

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