A New Blog, A New Doctor

The newest season of Doctor Who aired this past Sunday on the BBC. I was excited, despite the show falling off my radar in the past many months. It was the debut of Peter Capaldi as the new Doctor, an unexpected choice in many corners, controversial but potentially great. He’s older, has more of an edge.

Well I watched the episode, and for the first time in my Who viewing history, I don’t like the Doctor.

I wanted to like him, to love him even. Matt Smith is one of my favorite humans, and I liked both Eccelston and Tennant in their roles, despite Smith being my first. I was ready to fall for Capaldi, but unfortunately, all I could think was how un-Doctor-like he was. How trivial to the episode he was. How much I missed the real Doctors. Even John Hurt, who appeared in but a couple episodes, made more of an impression on me than this Capaldi version of one of my heroes. It breaks my heart.

It’s also inspired me to write some, thus the new blog. My last endeavor at shouting into the mass that is the internet revolved purely around pop culture. At the time, I was obsessed with all things pop culture, from video games to movies to books. It’s all I did. I’ve changed some since then, and so this blog will be more rounded, if I keep at it. I plan to write about my experiences on the farm, in the nature that is my new job, about food, and about what’s in my own head, a landscape that is sorely undermined for content. And also about books, video games, and movies/television. I haven’t completed abandoned the world after all.

I’m still shouting into the internet, an internet more vast with every second. Popular videos are only fifteen seconds long now, status updates a mere 120 characters, but I hope that something here inspires anyone reading to look beyond their trivial seconds and into something more. Take a little time, read more, and enjoy some things with me.

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